What will happen to your photos after you pass?

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Re: What will happen to your photos after you pass?

Sorry for the post and run that started this.  I should have added my own thoughts to the original post.

My questions were prompted by the recent discussion of how long film and/or digital photos can last.  There was quite a bit of discussion about the need to "evergreen" (I don't know if that's the right word) your digital photo collection by continuing to copy it to new media as old media becomes outdated or rots.

I've collected quite a few photos to this point in my life.  I hope to shoot quite a few more before I'm done.  Why am I collecting so many?  My family and heirs would have an interest in only a small subset, either because they contain photos of other family members or they are representative of my photographic skills (good or bad).  They'd never find the ones they want if I left a massive collection of photos on hard drives, online storage, or even boxes of prints.

If my family wants a only a small subset of my photos, what do I want for the rest of the time I'm here?  I hadn't thought seriously about that until now.

I've decided to begin culling my photo collection.  I've been in the habit of saving everything but the obvious out-of-focus or terrible exposure photos.  I post-processed only a few of the many survivors.  I'm starting from the beginning and reviewing every photo with a goal of saving only those I thought worthy of post-processing and a select few that I might want to process in the future.  I'm keeping in mind, though, if it wasn't worthy of processing at the time and I haven't done anything for years to this point, it's extremely unlikely I'll do something with it in the future.  It's on the block to be chopped.

I'm not suggesting this is the right approach for everyone, but it will simplify my ongoing maintenance of the photos and maybe make it easier for anyone else who wants to look through them to find something worth keeping.

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