Possible to prolong self-timer delay time?

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Re: intervallometer for group fotos !

Bernard Delley wrote:

afoton wrote:

D800 has intervallometer. Set it to wait 2 min before start and take one picture.

You suggest an excellent idea here, for the standard application of the self timer: taking a group photo including the photographer.

With the interval method, you can do several shots without getting back to the camera.

And no extra equipment needed, except perhaps a tripod or a table tripod to avoid precarious setting the camera onto something. But, that is the same as with self timer delay.

This does sound like a great solution. I will give it a try. The idea is to take landscape photos, e.g. in a mountain, with a mini me in it from a distance to show the scale. I figure that in certain situations it will take more than 20'' for me to get there. Something like this: https://static.photocdn.pt/images/photos/max/Max%20Rive%206.jpg

Many thanks for the great tips.

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