A7C facial recognition in video mode?

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Re: A7C facial recognition in video mode?

teddoman wrote:

teddoman wrote:

Does the A7C have facial recognition in video mode?

I noticed that on the AF2 menu page, Face/Eye AF Set., the setting for Face/Eye Priority in AF is Off when the dial mode is set to video. That same setting switches to On if the mode dial is switched to a PASM mode for photography.

So I found a video on how a variety of settings can't cause facial recognition in video to be greyed out on the A7 III. I checked all of my settings, however, and all of my settings on the A7C are good. Does anyone have ideas?

Found the solution here.

(3) Connect Sony A7C to your Computer For Remote Shooting or LIVE Stream - YouTube

even so I had to fiddle with other settings first to get the USB connection active. Have to first turn off Control with Smartphone off and PC Remote OFF. After changing the USB Connect to MTP, then go back in and turn the PC Remote to ON.

Very poorly executed by Sony it seems. But now works.

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