Q2, camera bag (s) in person observations

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Re: Q2, camera bag (s) in person observations

I tried an Ona bag at some point and returned it. I wasn't confident in the design of how the strap was affixed to the bag and how the stresses were distributed.

I've had and used a couple of Think Tank bags over the years, still have a couple of them. I haven't found the ones I had to be a favorite, but the ones I still own have been serviceable and sensible. They often seem a bit too bulky for their carrying capacity to me.

I prefer simpler bag designs. What's been working well for me for a very long time ...

Billingham L2 "Alice": simple, nice big front pocket, and versatile enough for a wide variety of small kits.

Black Label Bag Oskar's One Day Bag Mark II: This has been my main travel bag for a decade or more. It's big enough to handle a three lens kit plus my iPad Pro 11" and does double duty as a day bag when I only want a single camera/lens along. It's a nice balance of size, capacity, weight, and non-descript appearance.

Pelican hard case/rollaway: when I want to carry a full medium format kit plus a small Leica kit and slam it all through planes, trains, and automobiles, this is the one I take. Waterproof, drop proof, practically explosion proof...

But lately I'm much more likely to be riding a bicycle or walking. I usually carry a minimal kit (just one, maybe two lenses) and it has to stay put on my back but be fast to get in and out of. The Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L does wonderful service for my Leica CL and a three lens kit; the Wotancraft Mini Rider is a bit more square in dimension and will handle even my Hasselblad 500CM with Planar 80mm comfortably without moving around. The larger version of the Peak Design Everday Sling v1 and Wotancraft Easy Rider both can handle more gear as well as a light weekend's worth of travel gear plus the tablet.

Lately, however, I've gone even more minimalistic and sometimes just carry the equivalent of a Q2 (Leica CL plus Summilux 35/1.4 (1972)) or a Polaroid SX-70, or my Light L16, all with a tabletop tripod. A Patagonia Atom 8L sling bag that I picked up recently handles any of those along with my other cycling necessities easily in a light, cheap, and easy to deal with form factor.

The fundamental problem is that I have a lot of different kinds of equipment that gets used in all kinds of different carry situations, so I have a freekin' closet full of different kinds of bags ... some of which get very little use but are just the right thing in some specific circumstance or another. Better to have the right thing when you need it most of the time, and make do when you only need a specific thing once in a while, I suspect.


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