One lens to rule them all (travel)?

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One lens to rule them all (travel)?

Last trip, through the middle east - and with my X-Pro2 - I carried:

  • 27mm pancake
  • 16mm 2.8 WR
  • 35mm F2

The 27mm never left my bag for 3 months. The 16mm was glued to my camera, and the 35mm got some use for portraits indoors.

Overall, was very happy with the small footprint of the 16mm. I was able to crop down in post, and the 16mm gave me great landscapes / cityscapes.

Where it failed (or I failed) is in low light. Sitting around in a bar at night, club, or dark cafe and the noise was too high, impossible to get something without blur (without a tripod) etc.

This year we're traveling 5 months through Central / South America

I've added:

  • 16mm F1.4 (not WR)
  • 35mm F1.4

While I haven't used the 16mm 1.4 much around the house, it is sig. larger on the camera. I would imagine it would shoot similar to the 16mm 2.8 but allow for better low light and a bit more bokeh..

35mm f1.4 is some kind of jesus-lens, the portrait photos I shoot with this are dazzling. It's magic. However the 35mm take a lot of getting used to - as I have to back away so far from my subject to even fit them in the frame. Literally like 15ft... A big change from world of 16mm where I need to get up close and personal.

Low light is also better. But due to CV19 - haven't really tested it out in bars much.

I really only want to take one lens. Most of my shots will be:

  • Portrait shots of GF (thanks IG)
  • Landscapes / cityscapes
  • Street photography
  • Beaches and the like

16mm f1.4 -

  • Pro: capture a lot in the frame / then crop
  • Con: some distortion with portraiture

35mm F1.4 -

  • Pro: amazing, clear photos
  • Con: far from subject, and not much in frame when taking big landcapes / beaches

I guess I could carry 35mm for night / 16mm for day.. but we pack extremely light - a carry on for 5 months and a small medic shoulder bag for drone and camera...

If you could only bring one of these - which one? (Or another lens)..


Fujifilm X-Pro2
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