***Mini Challenge #614*** Your three favourite photographs of 2020

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***Mini Challenge #614*** Your three favourite photographs of 2020

I ran this last year for 2019 so here we go again. Obviously, thanks to the wretched virus, 2020 was a very different year to 2019 for all of us and I am looking forward to seeing what the talented photographers who frequent this forum come up with.

The Challenge starts now, and ends on Friday 22nd January 2021 at noon GMT. I will publish the results the following day, at the latest.


1. This is about your three favourite photographs of 2020.

Individual photographs can be submitted as exhibits or entries.
Exhibits are not treated as part of the challenge and the best of them might earn some plaudits from your judge and jury ie me.

Entries compete for the places and the winner gets to host the next challenge...set the theme, acknowledge and review contributions and then pick the winners.

2. The subject matters of the photographs for this mini challenge can be whatever you wish. I hope to see a range of portraits, landscapes, wildlife, macro, street etc etc.

The images need not be technically perfect unless, of course, being technically perfect is what makes them your favourites. BUT, and you will note that it is a BIG but, there also should be some background information as to what exactly gives the submitted images favourite status to you. That information could easily influence my decision making.

3. Photos must have been taken by you in 2020 and can be from any make of camera (including cell phones).

4. There are no restrictions on processing or on composite shots - all are acceptable. It's the image that counts, not how it was produced. Post processing and modification can be as light as you like, all the way up to fully abstract or composite images.

5. Please state in the header of your post, or in the comments bar below each image, whether they are "Entry" or "Exhibit". Non-labelled submissions will be assumed to be Exhibits.

6. It's best to post all images using the "Reply to thread" button below this first post. This makes collating the entries and exhibits much easier.

Grand Prize: The First Place winner becomes the host of the next challenge and has 3 days to begin it. The winner can respond to the challenge setter with a forum post or PM. If that individual doesn't respond in 3 days, or has to decline to serve, the Second Place winner becomes the next host. If that individual declines to serve, the Third Place winner becomes the next host.

And with this challenge it probably isn't necessary for me to give some examples however.....

My beautiful eleven year old hwv Eszti, the day after she had an operation to remove a cancerous tumour from her side. She had 15 stitches in the big wound, was incredibly stoical about it and has made a complete recovery. Phew.

A robin. I love this for the detail and whiskers. These are called rictal bristles....their purpose is unknown...some say they help in capturing prey by funnelling towards the mouth, some say they protect the eyes from such as prey debris, others that they have a sensory function, letting the bird know its speed and orientation in the air.

Sunset in Mrs hwv's hand.  My first attempt with a lens ball.

Have fun and a very happy New Year.

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