The RF 28-70 F2 is truly a very magical lens that is hard to describe with words

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Re: The RF 28-70 F2 is truly a very magical lens that is hard to describe with words

Thats a valid point. Thats why it depends on the situation. On the other hand the 70mm will get you more compression of the background which can visually compensate the bokeh difference.

In the end, the difference between both may be so small that sacrificing the versatility isn't worth it.
I myself have been shooting events, weddings and portraits with only a 50mm for years so upgrading the the RF50mm was a no brainer for me. That was until I started reading every review and comparison, evaluated my own shots and situations and came to the conclusion that at f2, the gain of being able to switch to 35 or 28mm to take an environment portrait when the situation is perfect, or switch to 70mm to take a close up headshot with an shallow depth of field makes up for the small loss in background blur.

The thing is there is definitely no perfect tool. It always depends on the situation. I would probably not take the RF28-70 with me for traveling because of the weight and size. (although I am now used to it)

The best thing would be to test both if there is a chance for it. In the last months I have been using the RF 28-70 mostly for indoor portrait work where I was mainly shooting at 70mm at f8. Another moment where I was happy that I didn't take the 50mm as the compression would have been a problem in many of those situations. The versatility already had a big benefit in many situations which I couldn't even think of when I made the decision (especially as my shooting style changed and situations appeared I wouldn't have thought of before)

The most important thought may be what you are actually planing to shoot. For example when I went trough all may shots I took at the last wedding, I saw that most of them where taken at f2.2 - f2.8. Thats because most of the time there where multiple people in the image and f1.4 would have given me a too shallow DOF. That was a big "aha" moment as I initially was looking forward to the f1.2 the 50mm would have provided.

If I buy another lens, it will probably be the RF85mm 1.2 DS. That would be a good addition acting as a specific portrait lens with maximum bokeh quality output if a want that for specific shots. The difference of the RF50mm at f1.2 to the rf28-70 at 50mm f2 or even at 70mm f2 is just not big enough that it would be worth changing lenses or carrying 3 or even 4 primes with me.

That me of course. I can only recommend checking out your own photos, your shooting style or what you think you are going to do with the lense. Maybe in the end you make a different decision after analyzing that, like I did to my own suprise. Before the Rf28-70 I was sure I would keep shooting with primes only ^^

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