Best app to do unsharp mask, etc.?

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Re: Best app to do unsharp mask, etc.?

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Actually on another thread someone recommended Snapseed and man it has been great! Exactly what I needed. Still don't understand why Lr's sharpening is such drek...

I would second that SnapSeed structure tool is pretty good. It is nice that it works with the select feature that sort of limits the area of the effect. Do wish there was an actual masking selection tool...

You can work on layers in Snapseed and paint in or paint out effects. Up top go to View Edits and you will see all of your layers populate. Then tap one and you can edit the effect or paint in the effect. Or choose the total image to be masked with the red mask which means the total image if affected and then paint out areas you don’t want to be affected. At the bottom you can set opacity and gives areas a fraction of the effect. every effect can be used very locally.

It is one of the more valuable apps I edit with.

Thanks for the info. I will have to give it a deeper look.

To be a bit more precise there is a set of symbols at the top. One is an undo arrow and below it is a layers symbol. Tap on those and you get a pop down menu. The first feature is the undo and redo. Right below that is the layers symbol and it says view edits. Tap that and all your layers pop out. Tap on any layer and you get another pop out menu with three actions, delete, paint and adjust. Tap the paint symbol and either paint in the effect or at bottom left you can select the entire image. Then you can paint out the effect anywhere you want. You can adjust the opacity at bottom center. Anything with the red mask is where the affects are going to be visible. Then when you are ready tap the upper left corner arrow to go back to the layers menu. Make sure to select any layers on top of the one you worked on so they will be visible again and hit that top left back arrow again to see all the effects. Press on the image now to see before and after.

I think I have that right. First I process the ProRaw file in Raw Power, resize there and open that in Snapseed to finish local edits. You know the power of the Selective tool and it’s amazing u-point technology. Even that is put on a layer to get more local affects if desired but I’ll try to place neutral control points first to protect nearby areas.

Edited to say when painting pinch zoom in and out to effectively change the size of the brush.

Thanks again.  I did that a quick look at the process last night.  It looks promising,  but I  found it difficult to turn the masking on and off.  Specifically knowing what I was actually m masking and what the result was going to be.  Sometimes the red masking seemed to refuse to display.  I was using my Tab S7+ , so not likely a hardware issue. I will have to give it another look when I can concentrate more.  I will also get it on my ipad pro.

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