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Harold66 wrote:

alcelc wrote:

The 4K or 6K photo modes of Panny indeed produces a MP4 as the end product.

Ooh 😮 I thought someone wrote it produced a H265 file ... now I am confused

H.265 is an encoding method and by the end, you have a MP4 file, which is a video file. 4K uses H.264 encoding method.


We don't need to export the frame from the footage.

sorry no idea what this sentence means 😐

It means that the MP4 file from the 4K/6K photo mode can stop at the point of a MP4 video file.

We can have the option to extract frames from it in camera, or by an video editor on your computer, or just use it as a video footage.

It has a flexibility to use any still shooting aspect ratio so is the 4:3.

Since 4K/6K photo modes are originally to capture the motion, it is usually not subjected to the usual 180 degree shutter rule ( says, 1/60" for 30fps etc). Therefore usually the MP4 would be choppy on playback, not smooth as those regular video shooting under/close to 180 degree rule. Hence, as long as we apply similar shooting parameters using in usual video shooting, the footage from 4K/6K photo mode could be the same as shooting in regular video shooting mode. I saw many members in fact use that 6K photo mode footage as 6K video. 😀

Not sure. Are you saying that when shooting handheld i should select a higher speed than 1/60s ?

Not at all. It should depend on how you would use the footage.

If you are basically looking for an usual video, likely the 180 degree shutter rule should be used for a smooth playback.

4K/6K photo modes, is a trick played by Panny, making use of the high fps of video technology, applying it for high speed still shooting. It is easy to understand that very low spec camera can do 30fps video shooting without much issue. No deep buffer be needed, no special fast CPU required etc.

This allows even the lowest spec Panny to do ultra high fps burst shooting. Olympus uses another solution of traditional still shooting, so the pro capture is limited to top end bodies and pro lenses...

Therefore, originally 4K/6K photo mode is designed (adverised) for high speed shooting. Naturally a very fast shutter speed would be used to accompany with the high fps to catch action. So, before my mind was opened by seeing members used 6K photo for pure video purpose, I never think I would use these photo modes with slower shutter speed.

So, for normal/original use of 4K/6K photo mode to catch action, fast shutter speed would be used such that the MP4 normally is not smooth to playback.

If the end product would be used as video, we can use a slower shutter speed, e.g. 1/60" for 30fps, for a smooth video playback.

How you would use the end product would determine what shutter speed to use.

The issue is currently the playback media, TV or the software would default the video aspect ratio to 16:9,

ooh no 😲

You might try to playback a 4:3 photo on modern day TV, it would be exactly the same if you playback a 4:3 video.

I prefer 4:3, but while I encode my photos into a video, I shall convert them into 16:9 in advance to avoid uncontrollable auto cropping upon compiling into video.

any footage if not shoot under 16:9, upon playback, would have dark bars (would not auto crop like the older format) making it not very nice. So, even you prefer 4:3, might have to consider your client would like to have a non 16:9 video...


As per my first conversation, better ask what your model want. If just a video, better do it on usual M-video in 16:9.

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