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Robgo2 wrote:

I own (and love) my Q2. It is an amazing street camera. I frequently convert the color images to B&W in ON1 Photo RAW. The results are excellent. About two weeks ago, I surrendered to GAS and purchased a Q2M. What I have learned is that everything that M-Monochrom users have been saying for years is true. The difference in B&W image quality is real and it is not trivial. This difference is due to a combination of detail, sharpness and especially tonality. There seems to be almost no limit to how far shadows can be pulled. Some of the prints I have made are astounding. The images almost fly off the paper. Even my wife is impressed. Her immediate response was "Wow!"

Is the Q2M worth its lofty price? For me it is, but I can speak only for myself. In any case, one needs to have a second camera (preferably with interchangeable lenses) for color shooting. In addition to the Q2, I have a CL with a nice set of lenses.

Damn this definitely isn't helping my G.A.S. 😂

Glad you like it though! Maybe in a few years when it's cheaper used I'll buy one lol

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