Is Adobe CC better than CS6?

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Re: Is Adobe CC better than CS6?

The most noticeable change in day to day use is that the current healing brush and content aware features are significantly better IMO.

The latest 2021 version has also added a whole load of new 'Neural Filters', including an automated image colourizer. Unfortunately that tool currently is significantly behind My Heritage Photo Enhancer/ReMini in terms of output quality. There are also a number of other AI tools which may or may not be of any use, they're currently only available to select testers, and I'm not one of the Elite few granted that privilege.

Whilst it isn't supposed to, my installation of Photoshop very much does insist I log into it each and every day I use it... I went around one loop with Adobe support trying to resolve it, and when I tested it with them, it worked. Then the next day it reverted to insisting I log in again... I think it's to do with my hardware quantum changing pretty much every boot, due to a pair of slow 14TB HDDs usually missing BIOS detection on the first boot of the day. Whatever the cause, it's annoying...

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