e Why pussyfoot around just go for a FF PEN F

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Re: e Why pussyfoot around just go for a FF PEN F

We all know that a full frame Pen F will not happen, even the crazy hare knows it he is just stirring up ideas .

There have only been two digital rangefinder makers one is Leica and the other is the defunct Epson RD1.

Sony and Fuji make cameras the look like a rangefinder as that is where they draw their inspiration and cater for those that want auto focusing and not having to shoot manual all the time as it is the case with rangefinders.

The greatest asset of the Pen F is it’s jpeg engine. I know many hate it as they are raw shooters but they don’t need to buy one as there are plenty of cameras that cater for their needs.

The Pen F is not a big seller but rates high on the I want list due to it’s nostalgic appearance but there are those that use the jpeg dial to their advantage and exploit all the possibilities. For that group a full frame Pen F would give them those extra low light and shallower DOF capabilities.

As for the dial there are  designers capable of solving that problem, I am out a camera designer so it is out of my league

There is merit to the idea but only to those that are interested, people that hate the idea well why post you have plenty of other cameras to look at.

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