Stitching question ?

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Stitching question ?

So, in the past, I have been very interested in stitching larger panoramas. I've played around with it a little, and I LOVE the detail I'm able to capture .... and flaws I am able to hide lol

Recently, I was shooting a beautiful sunset, and I shot it both with single frames (from my lowly, 18mp Canon 6D) as well as a 2 x 2 stitch.

The next morning, when doing my PS'ing, I was pressed for time, so I finished the single shot version of this sunset. Looked pretty nice... Nice enough for the not very discerning crowd on my FB page anyway lol

The next day, however, I had plenty of time, and had already done the bulk of my PS work from two days before, anyway. So I went on and did the 2 x 2 stitch version... and holy $#$% ! Night and day better, not only in resolution, but also in reduced noise, better color, etc ! This totally reminded me how badly I need a 46-61 mp camera... but it also reminded me of what got me all fired up on stitching a few years ago, in the first place !

So for those of you who are into fine detail, high res images, do you believe it is better to go with a lower resolution camera, and just stitch as many images as needed for the file size your trying to achieve ? OR, do you think it is better to use a 46-61 mp camera, where fewer images are needed ?

Not to answer my own question, but I guess it might come down to the quality of the Pixels, right ? So how is the quality of individual pixels from these 46-61 mp cameras, compared to some of the 26 mp pro level cameras ?

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