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pannumon wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

In case you don't already know , I am a faithful m4/3 user . My work is only for stills so my knowledge of video is very poor

However , lots of models asked me to make short videos for them (and I hate to say no to all of these beautiful women ) hence my question today

It's important to know how they want to use the videos, because it looks very stupid if 4:3 and 16:9 video are being mixed. If they don't understand anything about aspect ratios etc. they probably want 16:9. I would hesitate to deliver anything else.

If your videos are "final products", then the aspect ratio is probably not such an issue. Also I think Instagram and other platforms that are used mostly via smart phones may actually have better support for 1:1, 4:3 or 9:16 (portrait) aspect ratio than 16:9. But I don't know because I don't use Instagram.

It may sound like a silly question but I really need a confirmation and I could not find the answer on the g9 manual

I truly hate the 3:2 ratio ( this is the reason I work with m43) and the 16.9 ratio in my mind only work for landscapes

I want to know if there is a way to select 4.3 ratio when shooting video . It does not have to be 4K , I am perfectly happy with 1080, (I believe it is called full HD , yes ?) since the videos are only for social media (mostly instagram)

You could shoot 4k and crop it to 4:3. 4k is 3840x2160 (8Mp) so you could crop it to 2880 x 2160 (6Mp). In comparison FullHD is 1920 x 1080 (2Mp).

But the real answer is that you could try 4k/6k photo modes in S/S submode and utilize the full sensor readout (not only full sensor width).

S/S  submode ... what is it . does it mean shutter speed something ?  also to use the full sensor readout is is something I must select in one of the menus ?

please if you could clarify this , thanks

Note that if you want to adjust exposure parameters and ISO when shooting normal video, you need to be in creative movie mode. Otherwise the camera will use automatic settings. This is super important, so here is an example: If you are in M, S or A mode and start recording video, then shutter speed, aperture and ISO will be adjusted automatically by camera, no matter what settings you have selected from the camera (exp. comp should work, though).

I did not know that. very useful info . I normally shoot manual mode but I can use a semi auto mode if you think it is easier that way

However, if you are 4k/6k photo mode, then the parameters you choose in M, S or A mode should be used by the camera to record the video. It's better to double check this, though.

ok will check . looks like 6k photo mode is my better option based on some of the replies I got

Shooting video in manual mode is no problem, because usually the shutter speed needs to fixed to something like 1/50s to make the motion look smooth. You probably also want to keep the aperture constant as well, unless you can adjust it steplessly. What is left to adjust is ISO.

as long as I can shoot the iso , I do not need to change it for one video

Note that you don't want too much light when shooting at base ISO, 1/50s and wide apertures. Alternative you can use ND filters to block too much light.

I don t think there is a technical impossibility since I can shoot video in 4:3 on my Ricoh GR and GRII but I do not see the setting on my Panasonic G9

GH5 and GH5S should have this possibility, given that they can shoot 4:3 anamorphic. With older (Micro Four Thirds) cameras it was possible to record VGA video (640x480), but higher resolutions are usually 16:9 or even slightly wider options (check DCI, UHD)

are you saying that on the GR it was VGA and not 1080P ? I guess I better check

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