Canon FD 75-200 multicolored spots on the glass

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Re: Looks like a fingerprint

dibya12 wrote:

Thanks, but I have seen fungus, this looks multicolored, looks as if a portion of the lens costing is scratched. Maybe it was serviced previously and this happened not sure.I got it real cheap, but it's completely useless as per you folks if shows on the picture quality. Will try to check with the seller and figure a way to disassemble and clean. The worst part seller confirmed that there is no fungus or anything with the glass over mail but never took a picture from the rear end

It's fungus. The scratches you are seeing/feeling is the fungus etching the glass. The fungus secretes an acid which will desolve the coating and if left on long enough, the glass itself. The multicoloring you are seeing is the damage done to the coating.  It is not economically repairable.

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