New computer dilemma

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Re: New computer dilemma

JPAlbert wrote:


I recall reading that the new m1 Macs can't do bootcamp, if you use that now.

They -might- do Windows emulation (using Parallels or VMWare Fusion), but not sure about that.

If the 2015 iMac you have will hold out another 6-9 months, I suggest you wait for the m1x series iMacs, and see what they have to offer.

I understand that running windows is not an option, but I have a number of Intel-based MacBook Pros available, including a 15" I use as a laptop. So 1 program that I use 20 minutes a month isn't going to dissuade me. I would think Parallels will ultimately be able to make the jump -- the business model requires they do.

Thanks all.  I am going to consider just taking the plunge with a (returnable) 4K 27" monitor and plan on upgrading to the LG UltraFine if I'm not satisfied.

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