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Re: Phones with dedicated camera shutter button

I had a Nokia Lumia 830 and reluctantly moved to Android when it was clear the OS was a dead end.  I went to Huawei, first a P10 and now a P30.

I keep phones, as you obviously do, so the P10-P30 move was only because I broke the P10  screen on a granite floor, first phone I have ever broken.

I bought them both when they were 'just obsolete' - new models arrived and the price fell.  I chose the P30 over the P30 plus because it was £200 cheaper and was smaller, better as a business phone.

I'm not sure you really need the 2 stage button to lock focus and exposure, processing is all a bit quicker now.  The inbuilt Huawei camera apps give you a fair bit of control, including the ability to define spot, center or area focus and the ability to 'pull' the focus point and exposure point apart.  Mostly though, I just leave the artificial intelligence on and it does it all for me.  There are other free apps - Open camera being the main one - which can get close to lumia functionality including bracketed dof a bit like like Lumia Refocus.   Snapseed is a nice editing app, also free.

In terms of physical buttons android lets you configure quite a lot.  The way I have mine set up is for a double click on the volume down key to turn the camera on even if the screen is off, and that same volume key then becomes the shutter button.  You can set it so the first double press opens and takes a snapshot in one go.

Its not as good as the Lumia dedicated button, but Lumia will never be along term option and you quickly get used to a different way of working.  One small advantage, with fewer side buttons its easier to fit it in a holder or car mount.

Looking back its not 'better' than the 830 when you look at the final image on screen, although a 3x optical zoom is sometimes useful, but we all have to move on.

If you are into the windows systems, I use Launcher as a skin and carried on with outlook calendar and  contacts, and onedrive for photo backup instead of google so it all talks nicely to my windows laptop kit.  Fairly easy to configure the default apps in android. The MS apps for Android are rather better than the MS apps for Windows Phone, you certainly get more functionality in excel.

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