New G Master Lens in the DPREVIEW TV Nikon Z7II Vid

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Re: Here's a photo where you can see the G more clearly

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Also, it's definitely not the 20mm since that has a different minimum focus distance compared to this lens (the 20mm is .63ft, this lens is .89ft)

It should be the released lens that’s why they cover the lens. Based on Sony Rumor, most likely it is 35mm f1.4.

Yes, that would be my guess.

A long overdue 35mm GM

There has been one for years, albeit with a different name, the Sony Zeiss 1.4/35. This new lens is basically just a v. 2.0 If you have any doubt put the two pictures next to each other of the two lenses, the shape, aperture ring, focus ring is completely identical.

So no let’s puncture the idea of a new lens, this clearly for me more indicate that Sony has begun updating their existing lenses and it’s about time. This means they start with the oldest first these where the Sony Zeiss but in v. 2 these are just renamed G and GM.

The Sony Zeiss lenses are not GM lenses. It can be argued how much influence Zeiss actually had in the design of the Sony Zeiss lenses but they have absolutely none in the GM lenses. The lens pictured in the OP looks nothing like the distagon 35. The distagon has a petal shaped hood while this one has a lens hood more in line with longer focal lengths. The distagon has no focus hold button while this one does. The distagon and other Sony Zeiss lenses have a slightly shinier metal finish while the GM lenses have a matte textured finish.

I have no doubt that a 35mm 1.4 GM lens will be different in design both internally and externally. I have no comment on whether it will be a better lens but it will definitely be a different design and not a "2.0" version of a Sony Zeiss lens.

Haha Lens hood, that’s not really an argument. 
Yes they added a focus hold button, but besides hat and minor changes in the metal finish it’s identical in appearance, such minor changes on the outer design are to be expected in next gen.  you always make modifications to show that it’s next gen. You can be sure you’ll see similar changes when the first GM will be updated in the coming years. Sony are clearly building the new lens upon the old Zeiss, the internal is obviously gonna change allot as that’s called evolution of technology, since this is quite an old design, it would probably be very different, but that will be no different to  when Sony will update the 24-70gm and 70-200gm, that’s probably gonna be the first GM. Allot of the internal of those two lenes would be just as different, both lenes will most likely be shrinking in seize as well, as that is how much technology has improved and moved on.

Sony just used Zeiss to get a foothold in the Enthusiasts and pro segment that’s where the main reason the first higher level lenses where not branded G and GM. Sony needed a name of a well renowned manufacturer, to get people on board, but basically it’s a Sony lens not a Zeiss.

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