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Re: You can convert with nikon s/w directly to tiff

I like to use fast raw viewer to cull a photo session to a smaller set of images to load into the photo editor and decide which to edit.

I have it set to use the Delete key to send the current raw+jpg pair to a subfolder titled "_Rejected". (and create the folder if needed.) CTL-Z "undo" will pull the pair back out if I'm a little too fast with the delete decision.

So the deleted images are out of the way, but not gone yet. There's a function to purge the rejected folder, or it can be done manually later.

I can get rid of obvious duds quickly and safely. Much better than my photo editor delete functions, which are more key strokes and actually delete the image.


I use DxO , since it has the lens profiles for all my lenses, to auto correct lens distortion and vignetting. It's a one-time purchase, but I've upgraded from v1 to v2 then to v3, each about a year apart. They had enough new features and improvements to get me to pay the upgrade. (I skipped the newest v4.) So, it's a perpetual license, but it's easy to spend on yearly upgrades.

It's Viewpoint add-on module works great on wide angle lenses, allowing control over fixing the lens distortions that show up at 28mm or wider. And it can straighten building lines that tilt inward.

I do find DxO a bit limiting on hard to edit photos. But on reasonably exposed scenes without too huge of a dynamic range, it can often do easy, fast, almost-1-click edits.


I really like the free darktable . It's a big learning curve, but can do some amazing edits. The newest 3.4 version is vastly improved over the 2.x version I originally tested.

I'm kind of limited with darktable, since none of my wider angle lenses have lens profiles and the distortion in the raw image isn't acceptable. I'd need to export a tiff from the Nikon conversion to use in darktable, but that's not as good as working on the original raw file.

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