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Re: U1 and U2

U1: hand off to anyone for group photos. ("AF-On only" is too hard to explain for a one-time user.)

Mode dial=Auto, AF-C, Wide-area L auto focus, auto-ISO, auto white balance.

Just point and shoot!


U2: still deciding what to put here permanently.


U3: Subject tracking! (I normally use AF-S on fairly static scenes.)

AF-C, AF-area mode. Pressing AF-On, this starts off with the jumping red boxes as it decides where to focus. And face/eye detect is turned on. If it recognizes a face, it'll put the yellow box on the face/eye even before I press the AF-On.

F1=Object tracking start. This works great! Press F1, and a white box with 4 arrows is centered in the frame. Recompose to the subject to be tracked, and hold AF-On. Now it follows the subject all over the frame while the Af-On is pressed. It also overrides the face/eye detect--good. Press F1 again, and the object tracking changes back to red bouncing boxes mode. (the same F1 as philofax posted above.)

F2=100% zoom (as usual for me.)

The F1 and F2 settings are only for this current U mode. When I switch back to my usual Aperture priority mode, my usual F1 and F2 settings are back. And it's back to AF-S and single point focus if that's what I was using before turning the dial 2 clicks to U3. I can easily switch without taking the camera from my eye, or looking at menus.

It's fast and easy to switch modes, so I use it more often.

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