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Re: New computer dilemma

TheTrickster2k wrote:

As seen the new M1 is smashing current Macs both in performance and price (ratio)

I would seriously wait for the 'next' M1 Mini (or whatever they call it) - or if you can't wait - the current M1 Mini and a decent

I had a 27" iMac with 4Ghz, m395x etc, and regretted the fact that the screen is amazing - and yet couldn't use it with anything else if I wanted.

I won't be going down the integrated screen route again.

What sort of time frame do you think would be involved in waiting for a “Next” M1 Min in that the current one is just released?

i would think that Apple will be quite occupied with the rest of the product line.

There have been suggestions of a Mid sized desk top in the works but I would not wait with that in mind.

i agree with you on the All In One aspect having just had to replace a motherboard on my 27 iMac.

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