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I use Flickr to display work and as a backup for all my photos. I have it set to automatically upload photos from specific folders (only can upload jpegs, uploads to private folders so not everyone can see them). I have Flickr pro which gives me unlimited photo (and maybe video?) storage. This gives me an additional backup in case my computer and backup hard drives fail.

I like the way it sorts the photos by date for me to look back on with the “camera roll” (where all the pvt photos I upload go). Makes it fun to go back every once in a while and relive some memories.

Have you ever downloaded one of your own photos? Flickr gives it a new file name with 23 characters totally unrelated to the file name you used when you up loaded it. As is said before, I'm a fan of Flickr but that renaming system is why I'd never use it as a backup plan.

Yeah, that bit’s a pain in the neck I suppose, but it’s a last resort back up for me, not my only backup. And I don’t name MOST of my pictures anyway, so there’s not much difference between their random characters and my camera generated file names. Good info for people who are thinking about it, though - I could see that being a deal breaker for some!

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