Is it safe to carry a 70-200 mm heavy lens using the peak design ANCHORS?

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Re: Is it safe to carry a 70-200 mm heavy lens using the peak design ANCHORS?

liggy wrote:

Gizm0m0 wrote:

liggy wrote:

I carry the 200-600 and use the PD anchors with zero problems so far. Sony conveniently put a couple of holes on the lens foot that work just great for the anchors.

Hi Iggy, would it be a lot of trouble to get a picture is what you mean by this? I’m trying to picture it in my head. Sorry if it’s a dumb request and the trouble.
First telephoto lens and it’s pretty darn heavy. Didn’t seem that heavy when I was playing with it at the store but I guess the adrenaline of wanting it was high I didn’t notice. Heh...

debating on returning for the 135mm GM instead. Lol....

Not at all . If you don’t mind a poor quality photo.

I use the PD anchors for everything- my Sony setup, the Fuji GFX body/lenses

No issues with any of those. Neglected to mention that if weight is a concern I just got the Tamron 70-180 2.8. So far I really like it. Quick autofocus, very light compared to the 70-200 and I haven't pixel peeped it yet but the initial shots look good.

Awesome! Thank you 🙏🏻 so so much. 
I wish the 70-200 had the little side holes section would make it so so much easier. Thanks again! If it can handle the 200-600 I’m sure it would be easy peasy for the 70-200

Have a good one! ♡

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