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Re: Flickr

I have been a free member since 2014. It works well enough for my purposes since then.

I mostly use it to post my travel photos to share with my fellow travelers. They can view their photos as well as those photos that I consider may have general interests.  My fellow travelers can download any and all if so desired.

After a short period of time I will remove these travel photos (perhaps keeping a few selected ones of general interests) and post photos from another trip to share with another group of fellow travelers.

When Flickr started to limit the free membership to 1000 photos, it did not create any real problem for me, and actually helped me in some ways. I had never posted more than about 1500 photos at any time before Flickr started to limit the number to 1000. It "encouraged" me to be more critical of what I posted and what I plan to post in the future. I actually quickly trimmed my photos from 1000+ to about 600 on my free account during the grace period.

I've been more critical of my own photo taking, posting, and trimming since Flickr started to limit my free membership to 1000 photos.

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