DxO vs NX-D...What a difference!

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Re: And at high iso...It seems you used another camera

Rob Kipp wrote:

André BARELIER wrote:

Rob Kipp wrote:

Hello André,

A great thread with wonderful examples. Being a user of both DxO and NX D I find this information you shared very useful. I too only shoot RAW and plan on getting a Nikon P950 to play with next week.

Thank you for your efforts and information-

Rob Kipp

Hi Rop,

Glad to be helpful.

I hope you read the whole thread: a poster (2yota) proved that a skilled NX-D user can get excellent results, almost as good as DxO. I'm not very skilled with NX-D, and I find DxO easier to use.

Since you have both, you can choose the one you're the most comfortable with.

Post some pictures!


Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Yes, I am liking NX D more and more as I have just upgraded it to latest version, that helped a lot.

And to add to that, I think NX-D does a pretty decent job for being what it is, a free Nikon product. Bear in mind, NX-D pushed to the limits still falls a little behind what a dedicated noise reduction program can achieve (both in terms of image quality and steps required to achieve the results).

I'd also have to thank André for starting this post as it was my earlier discussions with him that have also opened me to further look into other noise reduction software to experiment with.  Unfortunately my computer is obsolete and wasn't able to run the current DxO software.  I was however able to test out Topaz Denoise AI and have since incorporated it into some of my usage as well.  I still process primarily with NX-D and where I see the need, I will use Topaz Denoise to further "clean up" the pictures.

So keep on experimenting and having fun with it and we'll all learn something along the way.

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