FTZ Adapter stuck on lens

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Re: FTZ Adapter stuck on lens

Janet Zinn wrote:

My FTZ adapter won't release from my 500PF lens. And yes I am pressing the release and turning it in the correct direction...I've had it a couple of weeks now and no problem until today. The lens did get a really minor impact when it swung against a wall and everything seemed fine until I tried to remove the FTZ. I don't want to force it too hard for fear of doing more damage.

Any ideas on how I might attempt to get it off or am I going to have to send the whole lens plus adapter into Nikon?

My guess is the spring mechanism that pushes the little pin on FTZ adapter is dislocated/malfunctioning due to the impact.

This happened to me with Nikon D5xxx bodies and my 10.5mm got stuck.

If you are good with fixing stuff, you could try to disassemble FTZ adapter and manually release that pin but if not, after few more try, taking it to repair facilities might be the best.

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