Sigma 100-400 vs Sony 70-350

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Re: Sigma 100-400 vs Sony 70-350

ace and jocelyne wrote:

Lemi wrote:

I have Sony 70-350 and use it with a6600. It’s smaller, lighter than Sigma and I can’t say of the difference in the image quality between both lenses but I could say for sure I’m highly satisfied with it, I take it with me for any vacation and as far as picture quality goes it’s better than my former Fuji 100-400 lens. The latest Sigma’s proved to be of high quality but still it’s a third party lens which I’d assume to be not as fast as Sony native ones. Plus, in addition, there is no TC from Sigma yet and if you’re after birds in flight you’ll be satisfied with Sony even so it’s 50mm shorter than Sigma.

Thanks for this. Do you mean that the 2x tele converter from sony won’t work with the sigma?

As far as one of the guys mentioned above still there is no TC, neither TC1.4 nor TC2.0 made for Sigma lens yet and you can't use Sony ones. That clearly means the difference in the long end is really negligible (50mm) but the wide angle makes a fairly big difference, 70mm vs 100mm. It happened to me recently that I needed to use the widest zoom as possible so 70mm came to the rescue. It's definitely one of my favorite lenses now and since I like to shoot wildlife and Birds-In-Flight I was thinking about getting Sony 100-400mm, which is wonderful, one of the best 100-400mm from all brands on the market but it weights more than 2 times heavier than 70-350 and much bulkier and in the long end it's longer by 75mm in full format equivalent which isn't that tremendous so I'd have to buy a TC 1.4 so the lens and TC would cost me around $3.000 plus in addition with the TC I'd lose one stop which is a negative factor. So, I'd decided to keep my 70-350mm as my casual telephoto and vacation lens and add 200-600mm which has 6.3 aperture at the long end which is fine with me. Obviously it's heavier, bulkier but it'd cost me a thousand less and give me a possibility to shoot up to 900mm (35mm equivalent) with aperture 6.3 which is great for me.

Choose whatever is close to your stile of shooting, weight, bulkiness and price, what you treasure more and you'll make the right choice for yourself

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