Light stand for Manfrotto 024b boom arm

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Re: Light stand for Manfrotto 024b boom arm

S Castle wrote:

hanay78 wrote:

I am looking for a relatively light stand that could be paired with the Manfrotto 024b boom arm.

I have read of people using it with the 1005 stand. For my intended usage, with a speedlight alone and eventually a light modifier, this looks to me as too strong and heavy.

I use my 024B with a 1005 stand. I would be hesitant to use anything less sturdy.

I was thinking of pairing it with the Manfrotto 1052 stand, and was wondering if somebody has had any experience with such combination.

Actually, the 1052 stand would probably be fine; it just won't go up as high as the 1005.

I also intend eventually to get a lighter counterweight for the boom, that will fit the usage I have in mind.

I've thought about this too. Manfrotto has a 3 lb one for their "mini boom".

You mean Manfrotto 173b? I am hesitant to buy this instead of 024b and make the boom either buying separatedly the pivoting clamp and the light counterweight, or probably mounting it in a 026 directly.

But 173b is a single bar?  It cannot be divided as I undertand? so that finally it has a size signature slightly larger than 024b, and probably is less flexible in long term usage. Of course it is cheaper too.

An interesting alternative. Thank you for mentioning it

I will often use less than the full boom length on the stand, without the counterweight, if I don't need much extension out from the stand. But then you really should have a sandbag on the stand, or use the counterweight on a leg.

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