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No idea how long BO is, BUT if you call B&H they are very helpful to ask if they have an ETA. Then call back in X weeks to check back.

In the mean time cant hurt to look for the camera elsewhere locally or direct via the Leica shop that is pretty regional around the world I believe. In the USA there are a few Leica stores spread across the Country you can order from.

I got mine from B&H like 4 weeks before the pandemic hit so at least I got out a couple times with it and here and there since.


Accessories I got is a spare battery, Really Right Stuff grip as the Q2 has nothing to hold on to.. Got the SF TTL flash. I also got from B&H the Match tech lens cap for the Q2, its like $50

I do recommend the rock n roll straps. This is an example of what I suggest. the rope style I bought first and it was very uncomfortable not being a flat strap to counter to my neck. the Q2 is not a lightweight camera per se. I opted for the longer strap the shorter one is too short at least for me. You can do a custom length if you want.

I also purchased some Ebooks from thorsten overgaard. There are always some kind of sale like 80$ off or something never pay full price. I got some capture one stuff from him too. I dont use lightroom but he does that too.

The Rock n roll straps ship international I am in the USA and it came pretty quick. Be sure to order the correct connecting ring style for the Q2

For camera bag I can suggest the Billingham Hadley Small Pro, bag number 72.  I am testing a couple different think tank bags.

I also grabbed a couple filters.  I also highly recommend if you go with lens caps from Breakthrough Technology. Replace the OEM cap they have great clamping force where sometimes the OEM is loose.  I also use their ND filters


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