A7C first impressions and AWB "issues"?

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Re: Searced on Fuji color, and WOW!

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Not for me...I have tried XE2, X100F and didn't like that and yes there was waxy skin at times. However the latest sensor they have from XT3, X100V is very good. You could use jpegs all the time with any tweaks you want in camera. From X100V, XT4, they also introduced clarity and other settings for jpegs. Produces amazing pictures and no issue with WB, not to my purpose as enthusiast.

Is your monitor calibrated?

Will you stop this nonsense with monitor calibration and personal preferences? Just look at the images posted in this thread.

Agree that calibrated monitors are a complete waste.

Why add some effort to get consistent and reliable result when one can whine instead?

Why waste time looking at the images, when you can simply defend sony with irrelevant arguments? Btw I use sony, just dont care about brand loyalty. When something is wrong, its wrong. Its called constructive criticism.

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