Light stand for Manfrotto 024b boom arm

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Re: Light stand for Manfrotto 024b boom arm


That boom is Aluminum and of 25 mm diameter. So, as you suggest, is intended for Speedlites or an Ad 200 or similar coupled with a lightweight modifier.

That means that the stand is not too critical provided the boom is balanced properly.

Although your (?intended) boom comes with a (all Alu) 'Gag' type swivel, there are Grip-heads that accommodate 25mm boom tubes. The latter would only fit a stand's top fitting (not the top riser) making it preferable that the top fitting was a fully welded-in Baby pin rather than the more usual (shorter) stud. (Both are 5/8th in D). Either type, Gag or Grip-head can be made to work well - it's largely just personal preference.

I've raised more questions ... but I hope it helps with your thinking through.

(Although I'm off-site for my Steel Boom & stands, I'm currently using speedlites from an Alu boom on an Alu stand - ?not ideal, but lighter than a 1052!)

. . those are Pixapro K-010027 stand, similar to MSE's B387486. Lastolite LA8446-Grip-Head holding Lastolite's non rotating extending handle LL LS2453 as a boom.

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