#Arkive TC: Revuenon 55/1.4 & 55/1.7 "dimple"

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Re: #Arkive TC: Revuenon 55/1.4 & 55/1.7 "dimple"

Excuse if this could be a bit off-topic, not sure if it was better to answer to this old thread or start a new one.

I was going to get a Revuenon 55/1.4 but this thread changed my mind, as I didn't knew theses lenses carry so bad reputation of oil issues.  Knowing that this happens I prefer to skip the lens, as I don't want to deal with this.

As I understand, correct me if I wrong, any of the 55mm 1,4's (Revuenon, Chinon, Rikenon, etc) could be made from different companies, among them probably Tomioka or Cosina, and from what I've read it's hard if not impossible to know exactly who made which, except if it's labeled as Tomioka (then it's obviously a Tomioka) or if it's a Cosinon 55/1.4 (then it's 100% a Cosina)

Now I'm looking at the Cosinons, do you know if they has same bad reputation of oil issues?

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