Distortion of 14-30 f4 S

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Re: Distortion of 14-30 f4 S

I use DxO editing software, with the Viewpoint add-on. This allows a lot of perspective corrections, very useful with wide angles.

14mm jpg straight out of camera. I wasn't using the camera level back then, and it looked okay in the EVF, I thought. But the very slight upward tilt stretched the top of the house wider. I'm only about 6 feet away from the house. Ultra wides are fun!

Cropped and converging lines corrected. The fixes required a top and bottom crop to square up the new image. The house is wider, but still looks a bit too narrow. Not surprising that there's width effects, since the right hand corner is much farther away from the camera.

Distortion correction added, experimentally via a slider until it looked acceptable. But note that the round white glass globe now looks very wide compared to the original jpg. And the front left corner of the house doesn't appear to be at it's real 90 degrees. There's always compromises when fixing these wide images.

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