Distortion of 14-30 f4 S

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Re: Distortion of 14-30 f4 S

I had the same reaction with the first tests of my 14-30. Yikes! But now it's an interesting challenge to either minimize the wide angle effect, or to use it to the max, depending on the image.

A 14mm lens has to translate a very wide view into a narrow image. See this lens calculator .

14mm is 104 degrees horizontal:

A 24mm typical wide angle is 74 degrees:

Both have to adjust to the width of the image sensor.


I use the Z6 level all the time with this 14-30 lens. Even just a slight tilt up or down will be visible as slanted vertical lines in the image. (Sometimes, that's what I want!)

(I find that it's much easier to limit the wide angle effects at 20mm or narrower.)

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