The RF 28-70 F2 is truly a very magical lens that is hard to describe with words

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Re: The RF 28-70 F2 is truly a very magical lens that is hard to describe with words

PhotoFoxx wrote:

PillowFightr wrote:

I am debating the RF 28-70mm f2 or the RF 50mm f1.2

what I want to know is, how those 2 lenses compare at 50mm at each f stop starting at f2.0 ??? Which would be better??

If someone has both and used both, please shed some light on the matter 😎

So I only have the RF28-70 f2, but i initially wanted to get the RF50mm f1.2 and read nearly every comment, discussion and test on both before making a decision ^^

From that perspective, I can say that the RF28-70 is ultra sharp and of amazing image quality, rarely been seen before ( even better than many EF primes!), not to forget its unique with f2. But the Rf50mm is even a bit sharper and of course f1.2 will bake a big difference in low light, if you compare it with 50mm f2 from the RF28-70

On the other hand: Both are extremely sharp so you may not even notice the difference to the even sharper RF50 as both are of professional quality.

The benefit of the RF28-70 is clearly its versatility. For me it changed my photography workflow/style and actually made me discover using wider focal lengths (35mm and below) for outdoor portraits which I would not have considered.

When it comes to background blur / shallow depth of field, you should consider that while the RF28-70 may not be able to compete at 50mm f.2 with the RF50 at f1.2, but:

At 70mm f2 the difference in focal length makes up for it and may even give you an even shallower depth of field!

So in this case you may be getting more background blur with the RF28-70 at f2 than with the RF50 at f1.2

You can calculate/check the correct numbers at or other calculator.

So with all that said, you will have to weight investing around 1000$ more for the RF28-70 to get a big versatility advantage, but loose as small bit of sharpness/quality.

I went with the RF28-70. I also tested the RF50 in the shop and also noticed that its definitely louder when zooming (noticeable clicking sounds, may be relevant when you are using it for filming).

Along my 25 years doing this stuff for a living, I invested in many thousands of dollars of Canon gear before. It's typically always been top flight. During the mid 2000's until fairly recently (with the R5/R6) they were NOT class leading. As a result for those other years I was a Nikonian then a Sony user. But I knew Canon did something special with their more recent releases. Indeed that has proven to be true.

I'm finding the RF lenses at large are a distinct departure and move forward and upward from ALL their previous efforts. There are NO RF lenses I'd criticize. Virtually EVERY one of them has characteristics that are admirable and very usable for their given purpose. I really feel Canon's efforts on these lens designs is a tremendous success. Some of them may not be utterly "perfect" but none of them deserve to be slammed that's for sure.

Just the other day I finally got a chance to work with the RF70-200 f2.8L IS USM I received recently and man oh man I surely do see why the reviewers lauded it so much. Surgically sharp and instant to focus. GREAT color rendition right out of camera. I'm getting spoiled. This is indeed a GREAT year for Canon and glad to be a part of it.

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