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Just came out of hospital after a couple of weeks with Covid, they say it can fog your memory and I think it has mine. I have an idea that once I could see all 39 focus squares in the viewfinder and move the focus point around normally with the buttons or touchscreen. Now whichever mode I'm in I just have the normal single point square in the viewfinder.

Page 236 of the manual has a picture of the 39 points in Manual focus mode, menu a2, but they don't all appear in the viewfinder, obviously the screen has the little matrix. Did I just imagine this in the viewfinder?

No and Yes.

No. You can't see all 39 focus points on the view finder when on Manual Focus. What you selected in "a2" 39 or 11, are the number of focus point locations that you can use.

When in MF, you can move the single focus point using the multi-selector. If you have chosen 39 in a2, you can move the focus point to any ONE of the 39 locations within the AF envelop.

If you have chosen 11 in a2. you can only move the focus point to any ONE of the 11 locations, which are 11 of the 39.

Yes. You can see multi focus boxes on the view finder when you select "Auto Area AF", if you have multiple objects. The Auto Area AF will show momentarly, a number of focus point locations in the view finder. These focus locations are within the envelop of 39 focus point locations, irrespective of what you have selected in a2, 39 or 11. The "Auto Area AF" will select ONE from the number of boxes on the VF.

You will only see one focus box if you select "Single-point AF"

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