What lighting setup do you use the most?

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Re: What lighting setup do you use the most?

If I am shooting a lot of portrait sittings or headshots that day, I use setups that make it easy-er to keep them looking the same and controllable.  If I am doing just one person I will get a lot more creative since I have more time.

My portrait set up is a basic one.  3 lights.

My main is a 320 watt/sec Digibee with a 45 inch covered umbrella/softlighter. Usually set to about 1/4 power.  I have it strung to about 45 inches and move it from one side to the next depending on the pose.

I use another DB800 set to about 1/8 with a 45 inch umbrella for fill.  I keep it close to the camera or may even mount it so it's right over the camera.  This is called form fill.  If the ceilings are too low I keep to to the sides of the camera changing sides as I change my main.

My third DB800 is mounted with a medium strip I keep on the left side of the background as a kicker/hairlight.

Most times, that's it.  You don't need a lot of lights or even power to create great portraits.  I could drop the fill light and just use a reflector.  But the fill light is little easier since I change the position of my main all the time.

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