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ALDERSYDE contributed his own image here

Aldersyde wrote:

You sum up my situation entirely. I have not been out with a camera, due to ill health, since May 2019. My photograhpic work has been entirely on old photos which did not please at the time. The atached is an example.


Hello, Aldersyde, and welcome to this weekly thread.

You will notice that we are a hospitable bunch, so I do hope that you will return regularly.

Let me start my comments with a small service announcement about the place that your image takes in the thread.

You have posted your post with image as a reply to Pete's post with his image of the spiraling staircase. This creates some confusion in the order of the thread.

Normally we try to post ONLY comments on images in direct replies to those images (or to earlier comments on the same images).

We encourage to post a new submission in a reply to the very first post of the thread (or use "Reply to Thread" (third option) as opposed to simple "Reply"). Please also change the title of the forum post in order to indicate that it contains your image for review.  We usually use the image's title as forum post subject.

This give each image or set of images its own neat little subthread (if you watch the forum in threaded view, which is always recommended).

Having said that, I do hope our other contributors find your image and comment on it, just as you are warmly invited to comment on other contributions.

Let me turn to your image.

1) I like how we are positioned behind the main characters to look over their shoulders and admire this sunset with them.

2) The light is good and those clouds are highlighted dramatically, above a serene landscape.

3) I do feel like your image has a bit of a lean towards the right (lower there than left).  If it has none, then that illusion is created by the edge of the lawn and the path.

4) At first I was in dubio about the inclusion of the glass wall on the right side, but I think there is no option to crop : you would lose far too much of that lovely sky.  Besides, upon reconsideration, that glass wall almost serves as a leading line towards the people.

A contribution that offers meat and bones for commenting.

Please continue with your participation.

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