Better "Aerochrome" (SD1) with red/yellow/orange filters

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Re: Better "Aerochrome" (SD1) with red/yellow/orange filters

I don't think it's possible SOOC, unless you happen to own a kodak DCS 420/460CIR camera. As mentioned in the article below, the Tiffen #12Y / KG3 stack passes 500-800nm range, which is ideal for the reds, but lots of internal processing would be required for other color switches, like red to yellow/green car tail-lights.  -Gary

I've been processing my a7R files with this Aerochrome color profile. It only works with DNG raw files, converted with Adobe DNG converter. Adobe DNG doesn't work with X3F files, nor does the 'profile' work with Quattro DNG files.

Some excellent EIR style colors with the Quattro. I prefer to call it Sigma Color IR.

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