What is next for Hasselblad X1D II and XCD lenses

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Re: What is next for Hasselblad X1D II and XCD lenses

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both fuji and X lenses are excellent, I have no clue what their limits are, I have no intention to go to 100mpix now, that might change in the future but I don't really see what 600-800 mix would do for anyone?

Reduced aliasing.

Just to say, I see quite extensive aliasing on my P45+ and now that I have some sharp primes I essentially see aliasing on the A7rII, too.

The A7rII has smaller pixels than GFX 50/X1DII and it probably has gapless microlenses.

I don't think that the 61 MP of the Sony A7rIV is enough to eliminate aliasing, so I don't see an immediate solution to that problem.

This one from the P45+ is quite impressive...

But, photographers have used P45+ since 2007 and been quite happy. Yes, the moiré brush is quite effective but it also smears out color.

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the P40+ was my last DMF back, I shot the 45+ quite a bit as well. afaik they are the same sensor tech, the 45+ is larger....I did like the color but moire was horrible and really hard to get rid of, maybe today's brushes would take care of it faster and better, maybe that is because they are CCD and not CMOS?

CCD vs CMOS has nothing to do with aliasing. That's all about sampling aperture and pixel pitch.

I don't see either of these backs anywhere near the same class as the gfx or X1D.

I used to have the A7RII, liked the A7RIII much better and still have RX1RII which afaik has the same sensor as the A7RII....I don't remember ever seen any moire or aliasing with either of these cameras...

I saw lots of aliasing with all those cameras.


I am not disputing people's findings in regard to moire and aliasing with the X1DII and GFX 50mpix sensors.

Compared to FF mirrorless both these systems have multiple drawbacks but IQ and aliasing and moire are just not even on my horizon when it comes to comparing systems.

Aliasing is very important to me.

the 100mpix sensor might solve a problem in this regard for some people but it is not a problem I have even come across in years shooting both systems.

100 MP doesn't solve the problem. It reduces its effect.


I am in no way disputing that aliasing exists.... but for me, shooting easily 100K files on GFX, X1D, A7RII&III and RX1RII over the last few years, it has been a complete and total non issue....I do shoot a lot of fabrics on people as well architecture.....aliasing is a complete non issue for me....

moire was an issue with P20. P30 and P40 backs for me, a pain (sometimes impossible) to get rid of and the brushes often smearing the existing patterns making the shots unusable anyway.....

I am also not in any way saying that aliasing can't be found or created but (again) with gfx, X1D, A7RIII,....any hint of moire can easily be taken care of in camera by changing f stop or simply slightly moving the camera.....

todays brushes also remove moire in a way that does not ruin the underlying pattern....

I am also very much aware that 100mpix does not fix the problem, and I don't have much of a problem with 50mpix, and do not need the extra pixels or file size

in other words: I might find 1 file with aliasing out of 2000, I have no real interest of getting that ratio to 1 out of 4000....

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