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Re: Samsung NX1 Review

Still a happy customer here! NX since NX300 a long time ago. So happy with my purchases through the years (some pro work too), I have to move to other pastures soon, but still using the cameras everyday, and I will do until they melt!

Amazing how futuristic these NXs were and how "wise" the lens system was built (small and cheap pancakes, amazing PRO lenses and almost every lens a gem compared to other systems, except maybe the 18-200 which isn't that amazing). I only missed an Ultra Wide Zoom S lens (something like a 10-22mm 2.8f) for an amazing complete system, and a longer ultra zoom (for other people that use them).

Unfortunately, in my next purchase I will need 10bit video, better low light performance (was noisy above 1600ISO for my liking) and the next tier AF performance, as Sony and Canon have gone a tier up with their recent releases. I will probably look at the RF offerings next, but still kind of amazing that NX1/NX500 stayed so close to the top after so many years, and in my opinion, still rockin at the top on some of them (still best ergonomics for both of those cameras! unbelievable in that respect, no overheating whatsoeve! amazing touch screen implemantation and OS, energy/battery management).

I will always have the "what if?" question in my mind until I cease to exist, "What if Samsung had an NX1ii, or iii, in the industry?".

I remember interviews from top Fuji management talking about how powerful the Nx cameras were, and other people in the industry, I believe somehow it moved the market a little bit (especially with smaller players Fuji, Panasonic) and if Samsung stayed in business we would have RF and Z cameras a few years earlier.

History sometimes move forward with significant "what if"s.

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