My Z6II complain

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Been using Z6II for few weeks now, here are my problems with the camera:

1. Memory card door opens way to easy. I use the Z with Peak Design Clutch and when letting the camera go, as I pull out my right hand, it slides against the card door and opens it. In a bad weather condition, it could pose a problem as elements can get into the camera and damage it

I've had my Z7II for 2 1/2 weeks now and I use a Peak Design strap and I've also had the anchor links cord on the side the memory card door is located slide past the memory card door and open it 3 times now. It really surprised me as it wasn't an intense amount of catch-an-edge and pull. The first time it happened I didn't understand how the door opened. The second time it happened I saw it happen and was surprised at how easily the memory card door opened.


I use the same strap and for attachment points I use the left side of the camera and the bottom. This keeps the strap away from my hand on the right.

I tried that before. Too me, that's just a comprise because the strap is designed to be used where the camera's grip is.

NIKON should add some kind of a lock on the memory card door so that it won't open unless it is mechanically operated to open, IMO

I’ve used a Z6 since the release of it and never had any issues with the memory card door.

I also use  peak design and depending on the lens I attach the strap to the bottom or on the side. The strap is certainly not designed to be used only where the camera grip is. I generally have 3 anchors attached to the camera. When I use the bottom (anchor is connected to 3LT Zelda L bracket) the display is a bit better protected from jacket/zipper as the camera tilts more forward.

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