Do you find that you don't use your gear all that often?

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Re: Do you find that you don't use your gear all that often?

Raymond Cho wrote:

I know this might be a gear oriented sight. How often do you use your gear? I'm in NZ which is summer here and we are covid free apart from those in mandatory government isolation those from overseas returning back here. So within the country we are free to travel and go about. But even if this was before covid, I admit it is easier to read and talk about gear than go out and use our gear. How do you guys do in this regard?
For me it is almost like I have to set myself goals, I need to get this type of image by this date or with my film photography, I need to shoot this much BW film by this date so I don't waste my chemistry and so my film does not expire sitting in the freezer which should be fine but at least the expiry date isn't expired. Often I might had planned to go out and I make excuses; the weather is a bit plain, there is a bit of wind out there, there is something decent on TV, I am a bit tired today, I went out earlier today already. Occasionally I say to myself, I just can't be bothered about it today. Yet it is easier to think and read about gear. I got a used Fuji X with a kit lens 2yr ago without any additional lenses yet so I think about what my ideal setup would be oh should I get the F2.0 or the F1.4 and I handle my cameras and point my cameras around inside my house. Many years ago I used to take my camera to work to shoot in the lunch time but that slowly drifted off, I also made it my task to head out every weekend.


Specialising in music and stage photography, my average yearly “crop” was previously about 100,000 shots. Since the Covid-19 problem, all concerts and cultural events are cancelled so not much to do in this respect. Hoping for better times.


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