Olympus ProRes Video Sample, I'm impressed!!

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Interceptor121 wrote:

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IIRC Nikon RAW video is line skipped and not good in low light. Do we know if this uses the full sensor? Do we know if it is oversampled or pixel binned?

Also is it 4K 24? And is is DCI (4096 pixels wide)?

It uses a sensor crop as ProRes RAW is 1:1 pixels. So it has 1.25x or 1.35x crop for DCI and UHD respectively

No pixel binning or oversampling this is not possible on prores raw


That doesn't help with low light.

There are few things that don’t help a small sensor but generally the use case gets complicated few items to consider

1. lack of lens correction - most mft lenses have plenty of distortion and chromatic aberrations all of those come back. Currently only davinci corrected them but then it doesn’t support prores raw

2. lack of noise reduction - most video codec have noise reduction ProRes raw hasnt you reach limit for useability very soon at low iso value

3. crop - you need smaller megapixel count or your lens kit goes lost

4. weather sealing: ninja V etc are not weather sealed

5. bulk a recorder adds weight and needs power so it is more suited to studio scenes

The net result is that the use case narrows quite a bit compared to your expectation of using the camera walking around with just IBIS so this is not for casual use without considering the challenges of video grading

Am going to a deer park to shoot video at zero C and am using the camera with a monopod. Will be walking for 3 hours and want to be light this is the use case for MFT and can record in camera 400 mbps and grade the hell out of it later..:

We're talking about a FREE upgrade here. Nikon asked 199euros for the same thing. And they need your camera to activate that firmware...

1) They are a lot of great lenses you can use that are perfectly corrected like the Olympus Pro Primes, or cine lenses like the Meike line, SLR Magic Microprime or the laowa ZERO D lenses etc.

2) lack of noise reduction : This is actually one of the biggest reason to shoot Prores RAW. You'll get total flexibilty on how to deal with that noise. I shoot with the BMPCC4K and even at iso 800 you will see noise.

3) crop. Definitely not a problem for me. I'd just add a wide laowa Zero D prime  to my set up and call it a day. I used to have the BMPCC and it was fantastic even with it's huge crop.

4) A cheap sony NPF will do the trick. I work with fully rigged cameras and the added weight is actually a good thing when you shoot handheld. Even with IBIS the added weight will only improve the smooth rendering.

I really don't know how someone can be mad about a firmware like this lol. Going from H264/ h265 ( really hard on the computer) to prores raw is a huge step up. AS someone that get paid gigs, the EM1 mk 3 is now a good option for me as a B camera/Run&gun/stills cam.

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