Are required in-body adjustments on a new L lens worrisome?

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Re: Are required in-body adjustments on a new L lens worrisome?

Most of my lenses end up requiring some MFA adjustment for perfect focus. I stress the perfect part, because many lenses focus well enough that you could leave them alone and still get good shots. But when you really setup a controlled test with a way to measure it, very few are perfect at stock adjustment. Some are very close, others off by a lot. Even after adjustment they are not always perfect at every focal length and distance. So I dial them in at the distances I will shoot them the most. I consider it a pleasant surprise when a lens focuses perfectly at 0 calibration. This is with multiple Canon Ls, non Ls, 3rd party lenses and currently 3 different bodies. Previous bodies and lenses benefited from it also. Just seems par for the course.

Only my opinion, but I'd say those who claim they've never needed MFA over many years and many bodies and lenses just aren't looking that close.

Not dealing with MFA adjustments ever again is one reason I'm really looking forward to having a R body in the future.

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