The new 800mm f/11 is coming tomorrow and it may be anticlimactic.

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Re: Trying some things.

Hoka Hey wrote:

bernie r wrote:

fredlord wrote:

It is sharper. No RAW files needed. If it only were as small and light as the 800, it would probably never leave the camera.

If it were as small and light as the RF lenses, I wouldn't trust it in the desert or rainforests.

Based on the differences between the EF 100-400 ii and the RF 100-500, I'd have to disagree with the implications of your statement regarding reliability.

I think that Birdshooter7 commented in this thread or another that his RF 800 has had rain, saltwater, and mud thrown at it without problems.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the upcoming RF 500 or 600 f/4. I think that we'll see better weather sealing, less weight, and better contrast and resolution than what's available now. I noticed that LesnAuthority seemed to be selling down their inventory of EF 500 f/4 ii lenses. I hope that means the RF is coming soon. I also hope that I can afford it. 🙂


Honestly, I personally see absolutely no reason to get an RF version of the primes, there's nothing wrong with them. If you can't get a good image on the current primes, an RF version won't help you.

An RF 600 f4 at 2kg would be nice though but knowing canons RF line, it would be made out of plastic like all their RF lenses.

Pass on a plastic wildlife lens.

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