Olympus ProRes Video Sample, I'm impressed!!

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Re: Olympus ProRes Video Sample, I'm impressed!!

Interceptor121 wrote:

Stephane SHG wrote:

Very impressive indeed, thanks for that. With that rugged body, best IBIS in the industry, great video AF, small form factor and Prores Raw, the Em1 mk3 become a very good run and gun option. Great rendering with the 17mm PRO, I just watched a video with the 15mm panasonic and the barrel distorsion is very noticeable in RAW...

ProRes RAW does not correct distortion, chromatic aberrations and other corrections embedded. It is currently a limitation of the format. And not a small one as MFT due to close distance between lens and sensor has a lot of CA and almost all lenses wider than 12mm have plenty of distortion

I know that, my point is the 17mm PRO is better optically corrected  than the 15mm from panasonic so it will show less distorsions and other abberations.

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