Sony a6400 Focusing help - Complete Newbie

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Re: Sony a6400 Focusing help - Complete Newbie

KMY415 wrote:

Everything seems to be out of focus unless directly in front of the camera regardless if wide open at 1.4 or 16 (though obviously dark). The camera/lens is not hunting at all, it only focuses on whats directly in front of the camera.

Am I completely missing something here? even at F/8, 10, 12 etc. it is just completely blurry. When I try to manual focus it just zooms in quite a bit and no matter how much I turn the focus ring it just stays the same. Literally no difference other than the focusing meter on the screen moving from side to side as I rotate the ring.

Would appreciate any advice.

Thanks and Happy New year

Happy New Year. I have never had this problem problem before. I didn’t understand what you mean by manual focus and it zooms in - were you using clear image zoom? What was the focus mode you were using? 
Could the lens be foggy from weather? The lens may fog up if you are trying to shoot indoor after being outdoor in the cold with the glass exposed to the environment. Could also be because you were too close to the subject? If you are closer to the subject than the MDF (minimum focus distance) then you won’t really be able to focus on anything. How close were you to your subject?

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