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*Just a quick Post*

Hi jlina.

Just a quick post in response to this quote:

“Then I read this fairly hilarious thread from back in 2016 here on the forum where someone said that when you're asking for NR and contrast and sharpness settings you're looking for a magical incarnation to fix your poor size sensor…

And indeed there are many many opinions about what those settings should be but I thought you once told me not to use NR? Does that mean put it on minus four or leave it at zero in your opinion?”

There are indeed many opinions about setting because they are and will always be to individual taste. No-one but you sees through your eyes, and we all have different tastes and ideas on what represents a good image and how to go about achieving the look we want.

In relation to the first section of your quote, ignore the idiotic idea that tweaks represent a search for some magical fix to compensate for small sensors. Trust me; I often fool many viewers into assuming my FZ300 photos are taken with much more expensive DSLR gear with prime lenses worth thousands of pounds. If tweaks were not meant to be made, they would not be facilitated by the manufacturer. Panasonic would have fixed the defaults with no option to change, as they do in some of their more compact models.

As it is, the FZ300 has a wide spectrum of change to play with. And thank goodness it does, because for many of us, including me, FZ300 defaults render nowhere near the pinnacle of OOC Jpeg image quality attainable with this camera.

Re the second point of your quote, ‘noise reduction’ tweaks are arguably the most influential and important of all in relation to this model. Secondly comes in-camera sharpening. Leave both of these at default and you’ll never see the full potential of FZ300 jpegs. Reduce noise reduction and increase sharpening to taste, however, and you create solid foundations for change.

Eventually you’ll find and settle on YOUR OWN idea of good output. Enjoy the tweaking and learning. This little gem of a camera is truly capable of taking stunningly great photos, once it’s set up correctly. Everything else then comes from knowing how, when and where to use the camera to its full potential. That only comes through experience – and the more of that you have, the better you will become. No exceptions and very few shortcuts to be had.

On that note, I wish you all the very best with this generally excellent camera.

Happy shooting to ya…

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