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As the thread appears to have attracted more interest than I anticipated I might do, I’ll preserve spaces for more important image contributions by giving a collective response to all having posted thus far.

So, to K-Dub, Papa48, jlina, DUBTEMPLE, hwvlover, tkpatric, gardenerassistant, Ramanan, digitcallous, Jerry045, Tom Schum, bluzman, BGriffin23 and Krusty79, and anyone else I may have overlooked. Thank you all very much for participating.

There are some excellent images as well as interesting accompanying write-ups in your posts. I really do appreciate the time you’ve all donated to sharing some of your experiences and I can only hope you’ll have encouraged and persuaded other would-be posters to do the same.

As I say, I’ll refrain from slotting in to reply individually below each post as a means to save space within a thread that has the potential to float around in the forum for a good while to come. That said, it could just as easily die a relatively speedy death now I’ve tempted fate – either way it won’t be for the lack of your collective trying. So, by all means, as well as inviting others to join in, if you’ve already made photographic contributions, by all means feel free to add more at your leisure.

To be honest, I’ve also quite enjoyed reading the accompanying stories too, so please also add further commentary you feel may be applicable to any images you may post further in the thread. In the meantime, I’ll do a little digging around in my own DPR 2020 archives, too. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a few more photos relevant to the theme of the thread.

Thanks again all. I really do appreciate your time and effort. Great stuff.

Cheers for now…

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